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hi chooming-withtop
I did and she just said that I needed to leave him alone and then she held her head and pretended to have a headache like she always does when shes annoyed :/// my family is very uncooperative ;-; btw tell ur dad hes amazing cuz that song is absolutely beautiful

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y does my family despise me T^T
I beg my brother to watch 5 secs of fx’s new vid and he refuses and makes me beg to make him watch and my mom is on his side telling me to leave him alone.
and then im reading hangul for shinees Close the Door and im singing it outloud and I dont even realize it and my mom and my brother get mad at me and complain that I sing horribly and I didnt even know and I feel like all they do is get mad at me I didnt do anything

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tht block b video is the shit

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Video credit goes to BIGBANG

make me choose: love song or tonight | suggested by 2ne1s


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